Gem clip was invented around 1890. It is a great invention that has been used without changing its shape. Ripple CLIP challenged innovation for the first time in 130 years. Please enjoy “less stress from the product coming off,” “beautiful Ripple-like form” based on the geometric silver ratio for keeping the 90-degree corner, and  “How to use only for yourself.”

                        Hirotoshi Ishida


 Ripple CLIPは130年ぶりの革新に挑みました。「はずれてしまうストレスからの解放」、90度の角を留めるための幾何学上の白銀比にもとづく「波紋(Ripple)のような美しいフォルム」そして「自分だけの使い方の発見」を楽しんでください。